Complimentary Consultation

Our process starts with a complimentary consultation. This will be a time to discuss your lifestyle, personality, and wardrobe needs. We get to know you to ensure that our decisions throughout the process are consistent with how you see yourself. We will discuss your goals and how we will accomplish them. 

Closet Organization

Our style expert will come to your home for your closet makeover. 

We will start by helping you decide which pieces to keep and which to retire. You will be amazed by how much more wearable the clothes you have seem, when you edit out the pieces that are just taking up space and cluttering your closet. We will help you create the best looks from what you already own. 

After the editing phase is complete, the organizing process begins. You are free to leave (or stay if you would like) for this portion of the process. We will use our expertise to organize your closet in a way that is both easy to use and EASY TO MAINTAIN. We understand that it feels great to have a professionally organized space, but we want to make sure that you are able to keep your closet in tip top shape on your own!

We bring a selection of hangers for you to choose from, which are complimentary. We will take away all of the mess and unwanted clothes - sort your clothes into donations and clothes that can be sold for cash or gift cards to some of the areas best stores - Barneys, Saks, Intermix etc. We will take care of this process for you from start to finish. 

Make money from your unwanted clothes

We will take away your unwanted clothes and manage the resale process for you. We sell everything from H & M to Hermes! You will be clearing out unwanted clutter while earning money that you can use towards fresh new pieces. We also donate clothes that can not be sold to local Greenwich charity, Neighbor to Neighbor.

Personal Shopping


Our style expert will take you on fun filled and productive day of shopping! She has contacts with all of the best stores and is aware of where to find what you are looking for, making shopping fun and easy. She will help you define your style and pin point flattering pieces to update your existing wardrobe and make it feel fresh and current. We work with all price points and enjoy taking clients everywhere from Zara to Saks or Barneys.   



We also offer a la carte personal shopping for special events or help in finding something in particular. Not in the mood to shop? We can come to your home and pull together a head to toe look from your existing wardrobe.



For those clients with no time to shop, we offer in home services. After evaluating your style, we will bring you a selection of pieces we believe will work for you. Our style expert will bring this selection to your home and you will choose the pieces you would like to keep and she will return the rest for you.

Look Book

Need a little help getting ready in the mornings? Do you fall into the yoga pant rut where you don't have time to think of what to put on so you just grab your trusty lulus and rush out the door? Putting on a pulled together outfit can be just as easy! You just have to know what to grab and take the guess work out of it. That is where our look book services come in. We go through the clothes you own and pull together great outfits from what you already have. We may identify holes in your closet and can help you fill them in if you are in the market to shop. We can shop online from your own home if you wish to do everything in one sitting or book a shopping trip. If you want to work solely with what you have, we can absolutely do that too. Most people only wear 20% of their clothes and our goal is to change that with our clients. We want you to look in your closet, like everything you see and grab what you intend to wear quickly and with confidence! With the help of our look book services, you will know how to wear everything, because we detail looks down to the jewelry and bag. As you start to feel more confident with your wardrobe choices, people will start to notice. As the compliments roll in, you will be amazed by how much better you feel overall when you look your best!